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Post spooky/nope stories.

>Be me
>Be like 6 at the time
>Be antisocial kid, like to stay inside
>No real life friends
>Only had one imaginary friend, that lived in that massive antique dresser
>We'd chill out
>Also vividly remember him telling me stories , though I don't remember what they were about
>One day I talk to the parents about it
>Dad isn't really up to date cause he was travelling a lot
>Tell him about my dresser friend
>He wants to know his name
>It was something like Patrick/Peter
>Holy shit
>He turns fucking pale
>Asks me to draw Patrick/Peter out for him
>He calls my uncle
>dad and uncle take it out of my room and burn it
>Was later revealed that uncle had the same imaginary friend
>After a few months of that imaginary friend bullshit, uncle starts having night terrors about Patrick/Peter
>Got so bad that we had to move him out of his room before he changed back to normal