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ITT: dreams that felt so real you think they're from a past-life

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I'll start:

>be me, regular Joe IRL in his early twenties
>had a dream about WWII one night
>I was a marine in a jungle in Asia and me and my squad were to take the fight to the enemy (Japs)
>walking right into a Japanese ambush, gunfire and shit everywhere
>couldn't see anything because the vegetation was just too heavy
>order my guys to fire back. It's total chaos, my ears are ringing and I can't hear shit despite being in a dream
>guy to my right is hit
>see something flying my way
>think of my family back home, my wife and my two daughters
>wake-up in a panic right as the grenade explodes

So yeah this dream has always bothered me because usually when I dream everything feels really distant and like it's not me in the dream. This one though felt really personal and like my very soul was in the dream, I even knew what "I" looked like (black hair, 6'11", brown eyes, stocky) without even looking at myself in a mirror or anything, and I also knew my rank. I've also always felt emotional when American soldiers die in movies or whatever and I'm not even from the States.

Ok /x/, your turn.