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Angel hair...?

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I got a sign today. A proof that I'm not just mentally ill, paranoid, schizophrenic. Well I got the proof yesterday, but I shrugged it of as paranoia but today my husband saw it too, so I'm damn sure I'm not a schizophrenic.

Here's the story:

Yesterday I sat in front of my laptop, following this thread on /x. The lights were off, only the light of the the TV and the light of my laptop were illuminating the room. Then something passed me by at an incredible speed, from above my head on the right side, just right in front of my eyes to the left and it vanished. It moved a bit similar to a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon. It was a thread, or something like a strand of hair? It was dark greyish blackish. The diameter of this whole thing maybe 3-4 inches.

At first it made me wince hard. First moment I saw it I thought it was a big ass insect, I even hit the air after it instinctly.
But suddenly the thing was gone and I was questioning my eyesight. Also it had reflected/emitted light while passing.

My husband got up and turned the lights on and I looked on the floor to see if there was any hair (or perhaps was it just spiderwebs flying down?) lying around anywhere. Nothing. My husband said, "well I didn't see anything. it's because you haven't slept well the last weeks at all".

Okay now finally I'm going crazy, right? I tought.