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As-salamu alaykum Anons

I’m a Muslim male not homsexual and healthy! My brothers I have realized now I must fight the djinn to stop the evils that run amok on this board and on my friends (you) and the world.

I have devised and selected powerful passages from the Hadith, Sora and Qur’an I am compiling the most sophisticated spiritual armor ever devised. I am officially declaring jihad on the djinn! Let me makes this clear I am not going to attack or harm any humans or anything in this physical plane. I am not a terrorist, I am a spiritual warrior. I will summon 4 low level djinn tonight in the wilderness then I will command them with the power of Allah to bring forth high rank djinn spirits I will then with no mercy initiate combat.

This is very dangerous I may dine in hell tonight or at least loose my soul.