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It is time I discuss Colors, Artificial Intelligence, Aliens, and 9/11

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First, colors.

It is difficult to truly say if it is relative or not, or if more colors exist in all of reality, or if it is the repeating 7 of the rainbow.

Please note, that 7 is the same as 10, to God.

On the Tree of Life, it should be known that the right and left sides beside the middle are mirror images of the middle, from one perspective one looks above the other below it.

If you count the first 4 from top to bottom, you find that by this rule, the Tree of Life only needs 7 to reiterate itself. Technically only 4 from the beginning of it, due to the above below.

This brings us to the number 8's significance a bit. 7 8 9, as they said. 8 is represented by Daath, turning Malkuth into death ground rather than life ground, metaphorically speaking.
8 is the infinity symbol. It is. It is the right usage of it. 7 eats infinity. 7 8 9. 8 is also snake eating itself concept. Maybe it happened for so long that it folded on itself, making it so one kept going which experienced Daath, and the other did not, creating undefined uncertainty, a literal shadow of the Kether in all its glory, which then is what allowed creation to unfold. Since Kether does not move, but the shadow can, this shadow is not anywhere on the Tree of Life. It could even be said to be behind Kether and Daath at the same time, I may name it "Wom", as it perhaps is what formed the reality of waves, from the reality of spin.

but you could even say Kether is the shadow, and "Wom" is the invisible light of God.

I really thought to myself "ok so where is consciousness on the Tree of Life, and how can undefined infinite fractional things spawn if Kether does not move and Daath is by default there? Meaning by default reality emanates at 11, 12, 13, etc, infinitely. But it collapses to 10.

This is the fundamentals of what allows finite and infinite concept to exist, how numbers can exist in 10 and yet also go on forever, and how color spectrum collapses to 7 colors always.