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The modern, popularized concept of hell.

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Has there ever been a more vile, toxic, and destructive idea in the history of humanity?
It's the most potent generator of fear energies in this world, combining the most terrifying aspects of reality (powerlessness and helplessness, rejection, monotony, and PAIN) putting them all into one place, and finally promising to put you there, for not just the few seconds (according to Christianity) it should take you to burn up, or even the 12 months (according to Judaism) it would take you to learn the necessary lesson on the ultimate consequences of sin, no, you uneducated, sadistic fearmongers and zealous, christian facebook moms are threatening us with an ETERNITY of torture. And it's pathetic. Just look at pic related, it looks like one of those low-effort fetish art comissions you can find on deviantart. It's the ultimate bullied, egomaniacal sadist's power-fantasy: that everyone that is different to you and that doesn't agree with you is punished infinite times more than the damage and pain they might have ever caused. It's kindergarten tier justice. And honestly, everyone who still perpetuates this belief, despite it being not even compatible with any of the abrahamic religions, or any other, for that matter, deserves to be locked up and have their vocal cords and fingers cut off, to keep them from inflicting even more emotional and psychological damage on their gullible, yet innocent, low IQ victims. Because it might spread. This shit is the original Roko's basilisk, the original woo woo email chain letter curse, the original cancer cell. And it needs to die already. That said, reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight.