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Dear flat earthers

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I have 4 questions for you. Please try answering them. Keep in mind, i'm not 100% a flat earth denier. I simply have some questions i haven' been able to answer elsewhere.
1. Look up at the night sky. You see stars, planets, etc. that aren't within the earth's radius. How do you explain the existence of them?
2. On a somewhat similar note, if the earth is moving at 9.2m/s upwards, is the rest of the universe moving along with it?
3. What is it that keeps the earth moving perfectly straight upwards? Shouldn't it tip over from uneven mass on different parts?
4. How do you explain GPS? It's a system that tracks the movements of devices connected through it, supposedly with sattelites. But since satttelittes could only work on a round earth, how does it work?