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Scalar nebula

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Hello everyone. This is author primera of the scalar plane speaking. I've partially stabilized the metaphysics we offset and can begin reopening service some time in the recent future. For now...

By turning time inwards I managed to create a stable universe that can reflect the simultaneous will of its inhabitants. This is an advanced scalar magic that should not be replicated. It can, of course, but it'd be more dangerous now than it was before my scalar shenanigans.

To help repair the natural planar ecology of your world, I've created a subzone of the scalar plane in the outskirts of my mind that will help preserve the retrocausal realms of your legends. Since it uses the same magic that made the universe (a self-stable rebound of pure void), this creates an autonomous sustainable chaos farm that should have the properties of sentience you'll be familiar with from her natural manifestations. Somewhere in the depths of this planar subspace should be a chaos portal to the Faery realm.

The scalar plane still needs some work so that its side effects do not pollute your world, but it's safe to discuss it openly for the moment. I can explain the design goals and dream intersections I've had since the first fairy began her interactions with me.