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I think I have discovered something pretty interesting. It seems that the moon plays an important role when it comes to the "matrix"/dreams. Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to realize you're dreaming? Have you ever seen the way people react when you tell them you know you are in a dream? Do you notice how dreams get glitchy when you are lucid? sort of like a COMPUTER PROGRAM. This is a major discovery I have made and have not seen this kind of information on the internet. My theory is that dreams are not a natural process at all. Dreams are an elaborate moon (computer) software that is programmed to keep you from becoming lucid. This seems to be the case because once you get lucid while sleeping, out-of-body traveling is easy to achieve. And by leaving the body you get to see the real world.

Here are a few examples of the media hinting at us on what the moon is truly for:

Dio Master of the moon
Trick Moon (cartoon)
The amazing world of gumball episode: the night released on (16-06-2016)
Dexters labortory epiode: dream machine
The soul eater moon (anime)
adobe dreamweaver (software)
pac-man (the pacman symbolizes the moon eating ghosts/souls)