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Hi I don't know if this belongs here but I will share a strange experience of mine.

Let's state this: I often can see a pair of eyes looking at me when I close mine. They're shaped in red and are staring at me right away.

It might very well be my own imagination, but I remember once while I was very high on weed I actually saw these eyes really clear. It semt like dozens of peoples eyes were staring at me. One at a time each, I can only see one pair of eyes.

As I said this might very well be my own imagination or whatever, but I thought as you might have more knowledge on the occult you might know anything.


Also I would describe myself as "sensitive". I often hear things in my house.

Also about a year ago or so, I was in my bedroom smoking a joint (I was an addict). I got really high, and as my bedroom's air conditioner was broken I decided to take my mattress to the living room and sleep there (it's really hot in barcelona). The living room is next to my bedroom. As I was starting to sleep, I started to hear sounds coming from my bedroom which I can only describe as "a group of witches summoning the Devil". My friends told me I surely imagined it, but it was damn too real. Maybe I imagined it. I got fucking scared, and tried to calm myself, I thought to myself that I left my computer on with some video playing in the background or something.

Next day there wasn't anything lol. Scary shitttttttttt