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The us government in coordination with microsoft is conducting a thought experiment/psyop looking into what causes so many young men to transition into women.
There’s a transgendered woman who goes by gwizofthestars that’s one of a few online personas that are at the center of this.
She got a job as a community manager on a high profile game that targets the demographic they’re observing.
The game’s “New Genesis” expansion is also a big part of it, as gwizofthestars seemingly exists online in game more than 8 hours a day and has already converted a number of people.
There’s cult like behavior going on here and gwiz/luulubuu are just the top of this iceberg.
I was once told that hololive is in on this with their personality as well.
I keep telling people to look into this but nobody believes me.
Search “gwiz” on 4chan archives to find some leads.
If you have more information please share it.