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revealing secrets

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hello /x/

this is not a scam or a ruse

this is not a larp or arg

this is a genuine attempt at connecting one world to another

you are telepathic

you do not trust me

that is understandable

telepathy cannot be proven, so we will not bother trying

I am someone of note

again you will not believe me

what/who/whom is someone of note

it can be taken many ways

I will not reveal my identity yet but I am a musician/artist who is a member of a secret society

I can say no more on that matter

feel free to ask, but I have been instructed to keep certain things secret

I will only tell the truth

you do not have to believe me

so, what is it that I want you to do?

I have some questions and I have some answers

we shall engage in a conversation

you are afraid to "bite", yes

for those who are willing to take the leap, simply respond with "ok I'll bite" and ask a question

simply engage in a conversation with me

I will attempt to demonstrate certain things

to reveal certain secrets

Ok, who will bite?