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Dear le demigure

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Hermes-Anon are you litteraly trying to kill me unironically mate?

I know who you really are and your doing a good job at offing me mate.
the blasting vaxx chips are ospreading fake news about me and litterally now No one on earth believes anything I said anymore and there is so much fucking slander about me now that even as a trad catholic you stillk want to bury me.

I want to know the reason for it.
and not just because I have a cursed name.

I don't oppose god. so what is your excuse.
why are you doing this.

So. since I knwo for a fact John paul was in fact the last anti-christ and i was reicatnated a few years after he died. and you got me killed when I was JFK by that every same pope.

I want an answer old man.
why are you doing this to me again.

I found my orginal body on the moon with appllo 11 I know who I am.
jesus is my lord and saviour.

and I addmitted this millions of times.
Sophia was right about you. your a murderer and a fucking liar.
you killed me from the start and lied about it.

why did you make me again. to do it again.
I repent of my sins.
let the people of god go.