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We’re truly fucked

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Anon postet this: https://archive.org/details/moksha_video_20190830
here is his site https://www.technicalintuition.com/ you can find his youtube channel there as well

>several people get together on astral project
>guy in video says we die, soul goes up, bounces off a shield or barrier and is forced to go back down to earth
>souls can't escape and are trapped here on purpose
>this process powers cosmic events that help progress or sustain the life of the "engineers" (my wording)
>these guys are organic and live in pocket dimensions they created and they exist in this sector of the galaxy
>earth is just a small part of huge cosmic war or something, so we might not be able to grasp what's really going on
>says there are also other entities trying to help the soul escape and join the cosmic energy, but you have to get to them by yourself
The testimonials on his page seem to speak of him in very high regards. If what he says is real, then we are living in a structured hellhole, to be harvested by our overlords. It's like planet earth is just a battery for these creators/engineers.
I know I asked this before, but are any Astral Detectives here? Do you know this guy or can you comment on what he's saying?