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Furfaggotry: Corrupted Manifestation of Totemism

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First off, when I talk about "furries", I mean any person with an elevated allure to anthropomorphism, whether that person wants to identify as a furry or not.

Now, prepare for some high-quality schizo autism.

Last week I made a thread to see what /x/ had to say about furries and how they come to be. My proposal was that there's a more esoteric explanation for their existence. The thread ended up getting a few dozen replies so it wasn't a huge success by any means, but I was surprised to see that many anons had the same idea as I did, that furries' origin was not as simple as we've learned to believe; It doesn't always begin with some lonely weirdo consuming cartoons and then slowly wanting to fuck Disney's Robin Hood.

The reason why I'm so obsessed with this stuff is simply that I'm a furry myself. Think of that what you want. However, unlike many other furfags, I was never obsessed with anthro shows as a kid, and I wasn't a terminally online recluse in my pre-teen years (the time when most people become sexual degenerates). How I exactly became a furry, I don't exactly know, but I do remember being around the age of 16. It almost feels like one day I had no idea what a furry even was, then something clicked inside me, and the very next day I was going through the rabbit hole (heh) of fursuits, yiff, RP, and all the other manifestations of furry subculture with morbid curiosity and unexplainable fervor. Not once did I stop and question my actions. I very quickly went full-circle from "slightly interested in funny cartoon animals" to "has jacked off to r34 and has a fursona".

The mysterious origins of my furfaggotry eventually lead me to consider various esoteric theories for the furry phenomenon. My research took what I believe was a natural turn after I stumbled onto the old shamanistic traditions of Native Americans and Siberians, which included totemism. (1/9)