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What you know of the devil and others

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>Lucifer is NOT a fallen angel OR an angel
>Satan is not a name but a title
>Satan is the heavenly accuser, he has a function much like Azrael, the angel of death has
>Samael is the other face of God, notice the poison OF God, Yahweh (creation), Samael (destruction), EL, meaning; OF God
>Belial is the name of the lord of darkness

then the uncertainties:
>Azazil / Azazel (Iblis) is either Belial OR something different entirely
>devils of Iblis = djinns
>sons of Belial = demons

then the pseudoheavenly and heavenly ones:
>seven archangels = planets
>angels of God = archons
>luminaries and emanations = true angels
>Jesus Christ = heavenly saviour / messenger