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Human Farm Hypothesis

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itt: we discuss this planet being a gigantic human farm.

I open this thread here in /x/ because /his/ cannot get its head out of its arse, and /pol/ is under constant sliding attack.

This thread has 4 parts:

>1. Hierarchy of lifeforms
>2. Advent of civilization
>3. Purpose of human existance
>4. Bullshit deaths

From an utilitarist perspective, each tier of lifeforms has a distinctive function and a secondary function:

>Plants fulfill an environmental control function: they produce oxygen and scrub CO2. But they also extract nutrients from the ground and serve as food to animals.

>Animals move and sense the environment. They exist so there can be lifeforms in every place in many forms. This way if a cataclism nukes a part of the planet life can still exist elsewhere, and after some time animals from other places can repopulate the devastated area.

>Humans can reason and can communicate using language. And their secondary function is...

Every tier in the hierarchy of beings serve as food to the upper tier. Therefore a higher race of beings must exist that benefit from farming humans. This extrapolation is solid as is, but there is also a pile of evidence supporting it.