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no larping.

I'm a long time 4chan lurker. I kinda phase out of the site every year or two. But this time I've come to ask for your help, since you're all in this shit.

I recently moved in to my new house. Family inheritance. Grandad's small town house. My uncle lived here until he passed away (I was living with him at the time). I got married a couple of months later with my fiancée, and the first thing we did was to clean out all of the stuff that we didn't need.

I found this weird plastic thing, it had my granpa's name in it (or my uncle's, both had the same name). It has all these weird symbols. I threw it out in the trashcan months ago but I found it again in my garage.

I tried finding some meaning to the symbols but found nothing. I know the 5-star pentagram (?) but other than that, no a single find.

any1 here can help me?