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3MiB, 640x480, medieval found footage.webm
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What are some lost media you'd like to see, /x/?

>3 hour cut of Last House on Dead End Street
>5 Hour Video (existence unconfirmed)
>Alissa Jenkins fall video
>All American Massacre (unreleased slasher film)
>Andreas Bauminis snuff film
>Angela Wrightson beating video
>Anton Yelchin surveillance footage
>Armin Meiwes murder tape
>Aron Ralston recordings
>Austin Bomber manifesto video
>Ayrton Senna crash footage
>Babushka Lady recording
>Baghead (lost amateur slasher film)
>Bever Brothers tapes
>Blair Witch kidnapping video
>Brady Oestrike tapes
>Brandon Lee death footage
>Cameraheads story
>Candace Newmaker audio
>Cannibal Holocaust piranha scene
>Carina Saunders murder video
>Cervine Birth (existence unconfirmed)
>Charles Manson music recordings
>Charles Vacca death footage
>Christine Chubbuck suicide broadcast
>Columbine Basement Tapes
>Cynthia Hoffman murder video
>Dafu Love (existence unconfirmed)
>Dale Earnhardt crash photos
>Damaris Reyes Rivas murder video
>Dan Wheldon crash footage
>Dawn Brancheau death footage (Seaworld)
>Dick Cavett Show death episode
>Dreamworld footage
>Emily Haas 911 Call
>Eric Harris’s Doom WAD Levels
>Eurnonymous death photo
>Event Horizon deleted scenes
>Eyes Wide Shut deleted scenes
>Fahim Saleh CCTV footage
>”Falling”, controversial Mormon thriller film
>Georgia Williams hanging video
>Grant Thompson death footage
>Greed (8-hour cut of silent film)
>Greg Plitt death footage
>Grizzly Man audio (Timothy Treadwell)
>Heartbeat In The Brain
>Him (Gay Jesus film)
>Hotel Hooker (Kelsey Grammer porno)
>Issei Sagawa audio
>Jamal Khashoggi audio
>Jchandra Brown “assisted suicide” video
>Jeffrey Epstein CCTV footage
>Jenny Jones Show “Same Sex Crushes” episode