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DSM classifications and evolved individuals

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I've had people call me Narcissistic repeatedly. Not only do they not have a clue about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they are projecting their own Narcissism onto my words.

Growing up in a large family I used to have to fight for food and for use of the bathroom. I had 8 brothers and sisters. We had 6 bedrooms but the basement toilet didn't function, my parents had their own bathroom, so we shared 1 bathroom and shower amongst 9 of us. Eating you would shove food in quick otherwise it would be gone. My brother Peter used to eat my food. Anyways, hardly an environment to breed a Narcissist. In fact, my mother was a Grandious Paranoid Personality, that doesn't breed Paranoia nor Narcissism in children, in fact, quite the opposite.

I ended up going to Amsterdam in my 20s and I ended up in a relationship with somebody diagnosed NPD. It's impossible for 2 Narcissists to share a room for 1 hour, let alone a relationship for 5 years. Living with a NPDer is an absolute hell.

What's the point of my thread? DSM classifications apply to characters still identifying with their given name and what's attached to it. When you EVOLVE it can give the appearance of Narcissism, when, in fact it's the exact opposite. People view your detachment and not caring as Narcissism. They miss you as the character with its fake caring and fake love and fake compassion