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/16/ - "2016 Theory" Discussion General

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This is a general dedicated to the discussion of the observable reality of a seismic shift in the universe, sometime in the year 2016 AD.


>Why 2016?
A great many Anons have all observed that, starting in 2016, a great and undeniable shift in our observable reality occurred. During and after the year 2016, the world became noticeably darker, bleaker, crazier, more chaotic. Political and global events happened which nobody could explain. Things which had previously been condemned suddenly became normalised. The world started to feel less real, as if we had shifted timelines into one which none of us who were alive in the previous timeline could ever really understand. There's a horrifiying and apocalyptic feel about everything that was NEVER there before '16.

>When specifically in 2016?
Most of us seem to be able to pinpoint a time around July, August or September of 2016 as being the precise point at which the "Reality Shift" occurred. However, there was a mood all throughout 2016 of bleakness and foreboding. Remember the meme having begun very early in that year, perhaps as early as even February or March, that 2016 was to be "The Worst Year Ever" and a "Year of Unpredictable Happenings". Thus, it is likely that 2016 as a year was of great spiritual importance from the very beginning.

>What can be done to revert things to pre-2016 levels?
By more of us acknowledging what happened in 2016, acknowledging that things aren't right in the current timeline, that something went wrong, it may be possible to reverse the "Reality Shift" of that year and return to a state of normality. By more of us acknowledging how much objectively better the world was in 2015-and-earlier, we can manifest a shift BACKWARDS to the values of those times, and restore order in the universe.

Discuss below.