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"Putting it all together"

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Not sure how to properly ask this. I'm continuing my journey, doing my best to improve my character and how I think/feel/act on a day-to-day basis. Always seeking out knowledge I probably have no business seeking or understanding. I often think I "know" some things (I also know that's dangerous to believe) but sometimes the ideas won't truly connect/syncretize for me until much later, when suddenly I realize "oh shit, so THAT'S how that plays out in real life"
Anyway, as I continue this path, I notice more & more how the external is apparently a reflection of the internal, and vice versa (or how that separation is only illusion in the first place). But this observation not only applies to the ideas of "so I think, so I feel, so I act" or feeling mad inside and seeing the anger somehow play out in the material world around me, in ways seemingly unrelated to my own actions.