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Missing 411 Thread

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>be a dad by the name of Mr. Bardsley
>on a a Boy Scout trip with your son Garret (12 years old)
>having a great time fishing
>son gets splashed by the water after slipping
"Dad can I go change my pants back at camp?"
>you tell him sure
>the trail back to camp is only 250ft long
>well-traveled perfectly safe
>give him additional directions and watch him walk up the path

>20 mins goes by
>son hasn't returned
>suspect that he can't find his clothes
>return to camp
>no sign of him on trail
>no sign of him at camp
>believe you can hear his voice faintly calling "Dad!"
>can't locate the source
>200 volunteers, police, a missing person dogs search for him
>no sign of him

>be the next day
>search team investigating nearby boulder field
>they catch a scent of the child
>sprinting through boulder field
>find the source of the

>a single wet nike sock

Garret Bardsley is still missing to this day. What happened to him /x/?