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Refused PI, unsure how to proceed..

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Asked to evaluate compromised devices. Im not a professional; below average recreational c++ user. This breach links to a security company (Plexus.inc: business dealings with Gov. Entities;). There is reason to believe employee - John Collier (John.Collier@plexus.com) Nampa, Idaho. Has been illegally using Plexus IP to profit (source: reports to Plexus filed -> ignored, says other employees)
The devices Ive evaluated have been tracked in everyway I know possible; Locations, histories, account passwords, etc. Bank account is completely accessible, yet untouched. Blackmail? Havent made contact or any sort of ransom. Ive found evidence of an affiar between device owner and employee mentioned previously, as well as long history of employee tied to affairs, swept under rug each time.
Beyond my skill set, I leave this to you /x/
Opinion: Fear of something not disclosed to me.
Proceed with caution, assume employee is dangerous. 0% cap