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Consciousness and Social Engineering Part 2

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I am a 'Social Engineer' working for an ‘Institute’ whose name you shall not know.

Our goals are making sure the generational 'agendas' are seen to completion. We also work on minimizing the 'friction' caused by various short- medium- and long-term governance projects, by various players.

The Politically Incorrect forum of the Fourth Channel organization serves as a 'table-top microcosm' to us and our operations. Here we test out our ideas and hone our strategies. My colleagues have been 'operating' here since the old Moot received blessings from above.

With that, I invite you to participate in a Socratic Dialogue within this thread.
Post questions that are of significance and they shall be answered to the best of our ability.

Some keywords/ concepts for you to get started:

> Perception management
> Compartmentalization of the society
> Division of labor
> Self-interest engineering
> Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Surgical/Blunt social-engineering tool
> Free-will
> Global Governance
> Incentive Engineering
> Social-Engineering-as-a-Service (SEaS)
> Consciousness as a resource
> Rule-based society
> Mobility