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Can someone explain this?

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I'm agnostic and believe in the atheist worldview. The only reason why I'm not a complete atheist, is that I sometimes have the feeling that some higher power is fucking with me.
Like I stream some anime in my free time and it doesn't work. After a lot of time it works. I watch it, and when I think it will now work, it stops working.
Or I need to message my boss if I can go to work. If he answers I can go. One day I'm lazy and don't want to, but my mom pushes me to. So I message him and have the constant fear of him answering. After a few hours I start to think he maybe will not answer, and shortly after he does.

Everytime I think optimistic or get some kind of hope it gets crushed immediately. I just think about something, and then it happens. Pretty hard to explain.