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i usually come on here and larp as something and help teach people about paranormal/occult ideas, but i dont want to do that this time

i believe i am one of the smartest human beings on earth. not trying to be immodest or delusional, it's just what I perceive. I am more than willing to be incorrect, in fact I want to be proven wrong. So that's why I'm here. I don't have the highest IQ (its high but not dramatic), but the life I have led has brought me to this point where I have the deepest sense of knowing and understanding about the universe, the purpose of life, and what I should be doing here. i have traveled every corner of esoteric and scientific thought, and am very accomplished in the academic, economic, and technological spheres. ask me anything, maybe you can prove me wrong or learn something in the process.

the purpose of this post is just to promote a conversation. i'm hoping both sides can benefit from this. thanks in advance