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Pallas Athena

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I actually worship Athena. I don't know if she's real. She's real enough to make a difference in my life.

Does anybody know of traditional rites and practices for the worship of Athena?

I try to choose wise goals and be clever in working to achieve them.

I have read about her in the Iliad and Odyssey and in Theogony. She is mentioned in other sources. I am not an expert. Please go ahead and discuss any sources about Athena and religious practices for Athena worship. If you know myths or have your own stories, you can share them.

If you reference a historical or literary source, please identify it so others can look it up and read it.

If it's your own practice or one you don't know the source of, please say so.

Pic related: it's Rembrandt's Pallas Athena or Armored Figure.