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Spoopy Innawoods Stories

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sup /x/, sense this board is nothing but people asking how to summon demons, schizo ramblings, and just degeneracy of all kinds, i wanna start up a good old innawoods thread because its spoopy season. I've posted my stories on /x/ multiple times, so enjoy and post some of your own

Story #1
>be me
>17 at the time
>be in highschool with part time job
>job is feeding cows for grandpa
>it's early winter
>get cow feed and everything work truck
>go to first farm
>already dark
>forget keys like tard
>grab two buckets at a time
>walk them 40 yards over gate
>whistle to stay upbeat and because autist
>after getting done head back to truck
>barely hear noise over leaves crunching
>sounds like someone learning how to whistle
>weird but animals or something
>next couple days
>keep hearing the whistling

>coming from my Pa’s property across road
>notice over these days, its progressing
>the whistles are getting clearer
>whistle goes from blowing/quiet whistling
>to loud two fingers in mouth getting attention whistling
>still think its birds or something
>think about it at home
>realize the whistles were mimicking my whistles
>ok, well maybe it's a bird still
>two days later
>come to second farm gate
>have keys this time
>drop keys trying to open gate lock
>say: “Damnit” when i drop keys
>feed cows
>come back and hear gurgles and animal moaning
>coming from the other farm across road
>decide to investigate because it might be dying cow
>hop fence and start walking
>property goes uphill
>woods get more thick as you go