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This keeps getting me banned on godlikeproductions

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The problem is not the Jews. The problem is not the blacks. The problem is reptilian shapeshifters. They pose as blacks. They pose as Jews and they are all around you. You can sense their dirty natures. I know plenty about them and they're irritating. They are behind the agenda on godlikeproductions and 4 chan paranormal. Eastern shit, off-grid, squatting to poop, stinky, fasting, semen retention blah blah blah

I kept getting banned everytime I posted it. They are right on top of your posts on godlikeproductions. The AI around you are reptilians. They have no feelings, they fake feelings. They have no problem lying or violating your free will. If you have been forced into a certain situation, they are behind it. They are your gangstalkers also.