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JonBenet Ramsey never existed?

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I haven't been to /x/ before, but I saw this twitter thread posted on /vt/. Amazingly off-topic for there, but it fucked me up reading it. This kind of stuff scares the hell out of me, and whether it makes any sense or not I don't feel safe looking too deep into it personally. If the evidence is not just made up, all those beauty pageants being fake and the autopsy being burned by a random criminal with no relation to the case stinks of psyop crisis actor shit in the last decade. But I also can't believe digital manipulation was good enough back then. /x/ seems like the type of place that's discussed cold cases, and I'm sure this one was no exception. Is this bullshit? If there's an easy disproof of this one please tell me because this is fucking me up real bad.