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I have a theory that the modern npc phenomena is a result of animal reincarnation. The souls that once animated beasts have only recently graduated into human form by way of reincarnation and their rise up the chain of ascension. What has caused this? Mass farming and population growth. Never before in history has so many animals been bred and so many humans existed simultaneously.

Constant breeding and premature slaughter of animals, particularly cows, has caused an accelerated evolution of their souls. The subsequent population increase coupled with a deficit of eligible souls to reincarnate into human form has caused the eligibility threshold to decrease. This means undeveloped souls of animals graduate into human form. Like a magnet, these ascended animal souls are pulled from limbo into new human form simply by way of necessity.

There are not enough human souls available to occupy as many bodies as needed. NPCs are not people. They are recently reincarnated animals. In time they will evolve and ascend as we have. Perhaps this is the intended goals of our aristocracy, to slaughter them repeatedly to induce their perfection. We too were once like them but that seems so long ago now.