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We aren't on Earth.

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I used to think this was Hell, but I was mistaken, for i am blessed.

This is the dimension truly good souls get sent to, a dimension of predominantly evil people. This may appear as a punishment at face value, but it is the greatest blessing. Those with truly good hearts, the very few, are taught real magic. Magic that enables the vampirism of evil people.

You all, with your wicked hearts, viewing morality as a confusing suggestion, no longer hurt me with your quips, backstabbings, lies and trickery. Rather, your actions bring you suffering. With your suffering, I am free to consume your loosh.

You are my cows. It is lovely. Why am I not afraid of revealing this? Because I am blessed by god, and you are not.

Unless of course you are one of the few souls with a good heart, in which case, understand that this world will only bite you in response to loving actions, and happy feasting. Yum.