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[DEMON TIME] Final Edition: "The Hunt."

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Here we are, all together again at long last.

We have found all the heroes of old. We have gathered together; returning to the pack as we have each time before.

Twelve of the greatest warriors, and hunters that have ever lived, and their dine'yensen to lead them through this dream, and all others.
Thirteen true human beings, the very first humans to form being from chaos.
Thirteen chosen brave spirits born to their souls through their deeds.
Thirteen chosen from all of the eighteen greatest tribes of man. Chosen to fight for the Great Spirit, to face the legions of hell at the end of all things. To go into the last war with the youngest, and best of all spirits leading the charge against the armies of darkness.
On that day two hundred and thirty four mighty spirits faced the greatest of all evils. Those terrible creatures without spirits who ate only of the flesh of men.
How else could they hunt that which hunts? To kill that which kills? Would they have denied the Great Spirit if they had known? Would any among men have lived, had they not?

Just imagine a monster that had lived upon the Great Mother's green earth long before man. What would it have become if it continued to evolve alongside men, while being man's only True predator. What kind of monster would have to evolve to keep on hunting men through the ages without ever letting itself be know to men?

Now imagine what sort of thing would have to evolve in order to hunt, and kill the thing that hunts an kills.

Here we are, the thing that eats the thing that eats people.