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Brazil "magic" and politics

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Remember, whenever someone appears saying that he is a "Gnostic Satanist", a "witch" or a "priest", he means that he is nothing more than a larper sodomite who literally does not even understand how the physical world works, much less the spiritual one.
Here in Brazil appeared this "Gnostic Satanist leader" showing rituals to make the presidential candidate (Lula) of the left win the elections in the first round (which did not happen), and proclaiming his political support for it, result: he literally strengthened the opposite side (Bolsonaro), the thing got so ugly that the very LEFT got into court against him to take down the videos of him supporting the party, and now he is all butthurt in total COPE because besides strengthening what he fought against he was still excluded by the political left of the country.
>his image is so bad that the left is trying to connect him with the right
This dude is a typical larper /x/ sodomite who thinks he has mastered occult forces, but literally when he goes out into the real world and everyone can judge his fruits, he sees that nothing useful is born and that everything he does rots and does not prosper.
This guy's videos are absolutely hilarious and it is impossible not to laugh at everything that is shown and spoken, I feel sorry for those who don't understand portuguese and can't enjoy 100% of this incarnate clown.
The funniest part of all this is: Literally his whole intention has been reversed, people are already making fun of the fact that all the "magic" he does has the opposite effect.
Advice to the /x/ larpers, don't go out in the real world, stay hidden and avoid embarrassment.