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sexual magic

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hi /x/, recently I've been experimenting with "sex magick" but by myself since I'm a NEET virgin. Now before you think this is some semen retention shit, it's not I'm just curious in your experiences dealing with this stuff. I've gone 2 weeks without releasing but I woke up with the urge to masturbate today. I stopped myself before I felt like something was gonna come out, and felt this immense power. It scared me since it felt like my soul was gonna come out, but instead of giving in like I usually do I resisted and felt a surge. I've been researching into occult stuff and it lead me to parsons, they described a ritual where he essentially masturbates but doesn't release, or at least tries to capture that energy that's close to the end. I've heard of anons making sigils as well and cumming on them and artists online that draw porn putting hidden sigils to charge them up. Have you had any success with these techniques? What have you gotten out of them?