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Non-dualism vs Gnosticism

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So I'm trying to make sense of everything. Wonder if anyone has any input. inb4 please no basic Christians.

1. In truth conscious beings are timeless disembodied spirits. Quite possibly the same spirit (God?) split into its own perspective universes. This is my experience so far with non-dualism.

2. Each conscious being is creating its universe with its focus or attention.
( or my Gnosticism inspired take: Reality is vying for the attention of conscious beings so that it can be manifested by them.)

3. Gnosticism. From my perspective so far I have noticed that gnosticism and non-duality both share the view of reality being illusory. But Gnosticism as a dual philosophy takes a side.

4. The reality (in a more Gnostic/Dualistic way) tries to get us wrapped up in it so that we not only make it real and our reality, but we are forced through natural selection, desire, and competition to hone our focus and senses to render the prison that is reality in ever more detail, making it more real (even though its an illusion.) Ultimately, this feels like earth is a prison, when in truth we are disembodied spirits that exit in a timeless nowhere (the ultimate freedom). Its very ironic that it tries to get us to create it by making us desire what is essentially already ours.

5. I think most people are conditioned (by the illusion) to see only good or evil, but looking at Gnosticism and Non-Dualism together I think there is a better dichotomy. With each side carrying enough pros and cons, good and evil, to balance out and ultimately favor non-dualism over Gnosticism. They are Spiritual Transcendence and Visceral Vitality. They form the Yin and yang of this reality.