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I believe my sleep paralysis Demon took me up on my offer.

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Well, this is gonna be a weird story.
First sleep paralysis demon
>Be me
>Just got back from deployment
>go home after a few months of debriefing/all the post deployment shit
>first week at parents house sleeping in my old room
>step dad has a card board cutout of superman
He was a collector of superman memorabilia and put it in my old room
>wake up in the middle of the night to this thing that had a demon face but the body of a stick figure
>had its hands around my neck
>no fight or flight, just fight
>just say
I'm gonna fucking kill you
>i stand up and started to swing at it
>it looked shocked and gracefully jumped back
>it leapt towards the cardboard cutout while shrinking
>MF went from 6'9" to like 3 inches before disappearing behind the cutout and disappearing
>I stayed up the entire night thinking wtf just happened.
At first I though it was a good old case of PTSD or massive stress. But it gets weirder. Pt.1