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Schizopost about Nazi Occult

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How can you call yourself a nationalist and a Christian when Christianity is the control method the they created to control goyim? I want to write a book about it oneday, because Adolf made sense. While recovering his nerve system post-WW1 he had to push through his body to straighten himself out and understood the pinwheel or swastika is a natural part of human motion, and they took it from you. The Christians are the golem (rock monster with no eyes) because they are stiff and blind. Christian rituals at birth onwards are ostensibly witchcraft - metaphysical body queues that cause you to close off to your senses. Hitler knew about the third eye, the seraphim, and They stole it from you. They closed you off to your natural insight and physical ability before you could learn it. He knew about the Kundalini from the Hindus and how the anus had to be opened properly and the head had to be bowed during deep stretches in order to fully open the forehead, eyes and ears. Any yogi master will tell you this, any athlete. Look around you goyim, how many of you don't even lift your knees on concrete properly, shuffling along eating slop and bowing your head to institutions and Hollyweird figures instead of God and country. It doesn't matter who God is-what matters is the plan. He studied the occult, why? Egypt? Leviticus instituted this internal fear, guilt and closed this bioloop to freedom, he didn't want the Egyptians aka Pagans (as with all other pagan groups) to possess the power the ancients knew about. There is no difference between you and an ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Japanese or Persian warrior. The Jews foresaw this and took qabbalistic knowledge to bind you before you even knew... The Vatican is the main control group that has enforced this, the true illuminati. They don't control the world but they control the masses with these rituals and false beliefs. 'You can't criticise us-ss'. King James? No better. The Emerald Tablets, Mein Kampf Reject the octopus.