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I'm rejecting this world and my inner demons

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When I get too friendly with people they start evaluating me and bossing me around. I will now give people wide berth. I won't tolerate it. When I'm a bitch people try to be kind to get me opening up. I will not risk that ever again.

I dislike what is behind this world. It's a control cunt. I know it's behind everybody and it deprives me of things I want. Now I will reject this world. I quit drinking again. I stopped for almost 6 months and I've been drinking for 5 months. Drinking gets me tolerating this shithole so it's out! The fucker behind this keeps sex from me so I was cumming. Now I practice semen retention and I'll never cum again. I had somebody offer to suck me but I said "no!". I bought a pack of fags that I will smoke and then I quit smoking. I haven't been smoking that much since I quit drinking. I fast 22 hours a day and I've chosen to eat quality stuff, just less at 1500 calories a day. I refuse to eat the garbage it offers and I refuse to mize.

It wants you using certain colors in your clothing. My friend said this was a nice pink Ralph Lauren for cheap at Good Will. I said "no!". I'm not wearing its colors. I refuse. I know what pink means but I won't explain it

I reject all beliefs in this world as a lie. I see this world for what it is and all the beliefs are infantile considering what I see. It can fuck itself. I will also be silent about stuff I see 'cause it's pointless telling scripted bots. There is no collective consciousness, they are completely unconscious and nothing has changed

My only goal is 'getting the fuck out of dodge'. I hate this world mostly for the people. At best, sensory is appealing but that's it.