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Become Ungovernable

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Depression (as with most emotional and personality disorders including addiction) occurs when *something* is written to neurons that triggers a fight or flight response that is never appropriately reconciled and emotionally disarmed. This most commonly comes from trauma associated with malevolent abuse at the hands of a supposed loves one, buried or poorly excused to suppress feelings of vulnerability. Unfortunately, to leave neurons in a threat response state unresolved means literally depriving them of chemical energy to fuel such response, starving them through avoidance. You "pass" these memories in your mind and it activates the red alert state, often resulting in related fight-flight behavior leaking out, so they stay buried and unresolved. Thing is, the neurons are deprived, not killed; their mitochondria starts sending weak mayday chemical signals that cause the chronic disorder. Drugs/pharmaceuticals can temporarily relieve the response, but homeostasis adapts and they keep adjusting, strengthening when possible, until you finally give them attention, "feed" them, and reconcile the nature of the traumatic response to defang it. This is known as "embracing your shadow" in philosophy, spiritual rebirth through Christ in Christianity; material science is not a substitute for philosophy and metaphysics, only a tool to better explain it if presented with integrity.
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