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They're shifting the timeline again

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They're about to fuck up the timeline again! The way things are as of (see post timestamp), you might find yourself in either two situations:
>Time keeps looping without any meaning
>All branches from present lead to catastrophe
(If this is not the case for you please post recalibration from your POV + your timestamp, we need all the help we can get)

Both are ENDSTATES, you must act NOW (see timestamp), any further shift in the timeline will be IRREVERSIBLE, this is not like 2012, they aren't fucking around any more, jump ship or DIE.

Try to recalibrate to this timeline:
>2018 current year
>2020 last year
>2014 3 years ago
>2017 never fucking happened (BIG LIE)
>2011 most recent common branch

I'm sure you can figure out the details within each year. See you there timefags.