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Nature people / earth folk / hidden folk

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Who were these hidden earth people found in so many different cultures? Stuff like the elves, fairies, aes sidhe, dwarves, gnomes, jotnar, huldra and so on? Every cultures seems to have at least some of those. These magical folk are usually characterized as close to nature, reclusive, magical and often have strange powers and strange demeanor. They are associated with big rocks, cliffs, streams, forest, mountains, tall grass, berries, lakes.
In my country I remember my mother and grandma used to tell me stories about the giants in the woods. It was so ingrained in the psyche of olden people back in the day, they genuinely avoided certain spots in the wilderness, and they even told us to stay away from the big rocks because that's where those giants lived.
Who or what were these and how can I find out more about them? Is there a way to meet them or see them?