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Philosophy thread

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I have many ideas on how life works. one model that sticks out to me a lot is that, we are in “high school” model, It may sound dumb, but It helps conceptualize reality, and so I think by the time we zoomers will be in our 30’s 40’s we will have every job except maybe govt because of people in their 80s, so we zoomers have 20 years and we can work towards almost anything so some zoomers will become celebrities,CEOs, Real estate investors and developers, and at one point we all shared being same age in highschool, so I think if I met a celebrity they aren’t any more special than me as they went into acting and I went into buissness, or I’d be able to chat up just about anyone since we will all be technically on same level. The problem is actually reaching there, but it can be done, although sure it’s very limiting but then we branch out from there and add concept of only living once, and if we eventually die then basically why do we need to stay stuck where we don’t want to ik some people can’t do it for 1 reason or another.