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Strange Experiences in the Woods

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What did we experience

>group of 3 friends in WV
>mid november
>very remote
>not very many people
>out hiking looking for hunting spots in a river valley
>discover a few decrepit wooden tree stands on top of a hill
>probably 40+ years old
>rotted out wood
>Clearly a good hunting spot
>set up blind
>360 degree visual. can see hundreds of yards in each direction
>Wait 2 days to return

Here is where it gets interesting

>location is only about a mile hike into the woods from road
>set out that morning at 5am
>woods were eerily still
>even for mid november
>leaves everywhere
>making tons of noise walking and talking
>don't bother trying to be quiet
>voices echo through the valley
>have flashlights on the entire walk
>get to our blind
>still eerily quiet
>make a ruckus inside blind
>make jokes about scaring deer away with our noise
>turn lights off and settle in