Legal Information

Last updated on Jun 2 2018.

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What we collect

  • When you browse normally, we do not collect any information about you.
  • When an error occurs while you browse, your IP-address and browser user-agent may be collected to help us to diagnose and fix the error. Error logs are stored for 5 weeks and removed after that.
  • When you post on the site, your IP-address is stored with your post to make it easier to find and remove spam.
  • When you report a post, your IP-address is stored with your report to prevent abuse. Reports are stored for as long as they are needed, but are usually cleared within 24 hours.

What third parties collect

How we use cookies

Cookies are mostly used to enable various functions on this site.

We use cookies to

  • allow you to remove your posts,
  • allow you to post with same username, email and password without retyping,
  • allow you to see your last 5 searches,
  • identify logged in users,
  • power security features of the site,
  • let us analyse how you use the site

Google Analytics is used for analytics. See above item for more information about their policies.

Why we collect

We collect information to ease moderation, administration and troubleshooting tasks.

Do we share what we collect

We do not intentionally share collected data with anyone.

How to contact us

You can contact us via any of these methods