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>dating with this girl for over a year and a half, she is a bisexual
>she ask me if i can let her have sex with females because it would be hard for her to give up on girls, and she hadn't been with one since we start dating
>she promise to only do it with females, in exchange I can sleep with other women too
>I say no
>she threatens with breaking up
>I was in love so i cucked
>my friends say this is not cucked because it's only with females (it still made me feel like a cuck)
>2 months later
>i start seeing a different girl
>we go on dates to know each other (not even sex, she likes to take it slow and i respect that)
>she uploads our pictures in social media and tags me (holding hands, sharing a kiss, posing together and hugging)
>my girlfriend FREAK'S OUT and lose her shit
>Remind her she said she said this "open relationship" arrangement meant I can date other women too
>"NO! I meant you could have sex with other girls, but one thing is having sex and something different is doing romantic stuff, I have sex with girls but i don't love them, you on the other side are emotionally cheating"

So in her mind, having sex with other people is ok but holding hands and hugging is "emotional cheating"? Is it going too far? The fuck is wrong with her. You know, ever since we started this arrangement I have slowly lost any shred of love and interest I once had for her. I'm seriously considering dumping her and dating the other girl. How dare she call me a cheater? She is the one sleeping with other people. Meanwhile I only shared some kisses and had a some dates with only one girl.
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I baked but Aqua ate it
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Little brother is a complete psycho

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This kid is the biggest piece of shit I've ever met. I don't even know where to begin. Ever since he was little he was "different". If anything its gotten worse as he's gotten older. He is violently angry seemingly at random. When he doesn't get his way he breaks shit around the house. He has broken the TV, every picture on the wall, 4 doors, a window, every book in the bookshelf, silverware, and videogame consoles. He physically attacks everyone including his grandparents. He recently tried to fight my 70 year old grandpa in front of the entire family at the memorial day barbecue. Because my grandpa wanted to switch teams in volleyball and my brother wanted to do best two out of three, my grandpa said no switch teams, so he got in his face and cussed him out and acted like he wanted to fight him. When he gets angry he will scream as loud as he can. The neighbors just called the cops on him because they could hear him screaming and were scared. He has got the cops called on him multiple times now. Once because he texted his coworkers he was going to kill himself and then brought a knife he bought from Walmart to the parking lot. He is terrorizing my entire extended family and even his neighbors. I hate his guts.
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So I've gone my whole life without ever having any friends or girlfriends. I assume this means that there is something fundamentally that I am doing wrong or something is wrong with my thinking processes. What can I do to figure this out?
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i went to a new doctor today mostly to try and get help for my cptsd and autism (i've self diagnosed but was just wondering if she had resources, she had said on the phone she works closely with doctors/other places that help people with their autism). first of all, she said she believes everyone is a little on the spectrum, which i just hate when people say that. i find it very minimizing of what autistic people really struggle with. there are people i've been friends with that are in no way on the spectrum at all, like there really are people like that. secondly when i mentioned my previously diagnosed cptsd, she told me that's not a real thing basically, there's only ptsd for a singular event, like shock trauma, or chronic ptsd, which would be longer lasting. i don't understand that lol and i've identified with both autism and cptsd and she just - it felt like - dismissed both of those things right to my face, which was disappointing to me. i don't get why i can't call it what i've been told it is and also identify with. other than that the session was good in the sense that it wasn't like any other counseling/therapy i've been to that has always relied on talking about coping skills whereas she doesn't agree with doing that, which i do like. it's just frustrating to me, she's the only one in my area accepting new clients but she is out of network meaning it costs $110 per session
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Would prefer non-tranny femanon's advice on this but I know that's probably not gonna happen on 4chan.
So here's the deal. Me and my gf are playing truth or dare and so after she did a pretty punishing dare on me I made her go on her hands and knees and let me sit on her like a chair while I enjoyed a drink and we played the next round.

I noticed she got very horny after this and was especially "driven" when we had sex later.
She told me that when I sat on her, it turned her on hugely.

Is this normal or a red flag that she might be a hoe or something?
She was a virgin before me and all, but still, this just seems... I don't know the right words.

Pic definitely unrelated but if you know who they are, it's worth a kek.
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Question for AUS anons, I asked this in another forum but I thought you guys will have good insight. I'm trying to get into cyber security, those working in IT and cyber security, which path should I head down? I can either go to TAFE on campus and get my diploma in this field or go certification online route. Such as comptia, chfi, ejpt etc. I'm really stuck on what to do, there's online courses like upskill would you recommend? but their cyber security pentesting is done with ceh which I hear is only theory and oscp is better. I can do online or campus, I don't plan to get a degree is there another accredit course like upskill for bootcamp or collection I'm missing? Or the comptia, cissp type self pace? Or TAFE? I'm looking at most desirable prospects, and Im a bit concerned with keeping up with a class rather than self pace. Thank you for any advice
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Was there a specific moment that led you to losing your innocence and naivety?

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I used to have the mentality of a child, never faced depression/anxiety, blissfully ignorant, but that literally changed overnight right around the time I turned 19. Is that common or is it a slow burn for most people.