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Girlfriend is a devout Christian. I'm an atheist.
As our relationship is advancing, the religious difference is something we're struggling to reconcile.

I know tapping out entirely is always an option, but we're not at that point yet. We love each other immensely, we're best friends, our families love our relationship, we want to get married; we're just not sure what the options are for how this can be reconciled.

I believe there's such a thing as too much of anything, including honesty. I don't see any real issue with respecting one another's beliefs, but with keeping them mostly to ourselves. I don't think honesty is always a great policy in a case where it serves no purpose other than to retread established disagreements and make the other person uncomfortable. I have no problem saying "I'm just going to keep any atheistic thoughts to myself around her." She struggles with the idea of having to close off any part of herself from her partner. It's important to her to feel like there are no walls, that she can talk about absolutely anything, and to feel that she's doing her duty as a Christian and being a proud unashamed loudspeaker for God.

I understand how she feels, but it's continually been my experience that that simply isn't the reality of relationships: there will be topics with anyone (including a romantic partner) that, while not necessary off-limits, are left unsaid after some initial discussion on the matter.

Thoughts? Do I need to get more comfortable being immersed in her beliefs? Does she need to get more comfortable keeping some things to herself?

Really need help. Feeling so lost today.
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>be me
>Absolute fan of greentexts
>hear that greentexts come from 4chan and Reddit but mainly 4chan
>Decide to join Reddit
>Download Reddit app
>sign up and whatever
>Scrolling through app to find out what I should sub to
>Sub to r/greentext and me_irl because everyone is
>See that there's a chat room on the app called "General chat" or something like that
>interest peaks.jpeg
>Maybe I can learn a thing or two about Reddit in here.
>Vietnam flashback.mp4
>Remember that Reddit mods are the definition of cancer incarnate
>Nah this can't be too bad. It's a general chat. What can go wrong?
>Join chat room
>Types out the exact words "Why hello there
>I N S T A B A N N E D
>Decide to look for other chat rooms
>Doesn't find any
>Can't find any chats to join

Uh, what do I do? Did I fuck up? How do I navigate Reddit? Did I greentext this right?
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Well I guess I am a summerfag since I am new to 4chan and it's still summer. Any advice about this site? Slangs? Boards? Etc?
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>Be me, drunk
>Approach random girl in pic related
>Chat her, notice she’s wearing a nice belt
>Compliment it, jokingly ask to buy it for a few bucks
>She immediately unbuckles her belt and takes it off, mind you in a public space
>”of course you can have my belt!”
>She on right takes pic related with friend...actually her belt in hand
>Friend comes back and I have to go...I drunkenly leave with some random girl’s belt

What did she mean by this? Help an autist
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Guys on their sex lives

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How honest are guys about their sex lives? I have a bunch of friends and most of them talk like they are the biggest chads on the planet.

They often talk about all the girls they 'conquered' and all the times they got laid with random girls they pulled from the club, tinder etc. I've only had sex with 1 girl in my life who was my long term girlfriend.

We broke up 6 months ago and ever since I've been going out a ton to bars, clubs etc. with my friends. I very rarely see a guy take a random girl home with him to have sex. I see strangers making out in a club but most of the time that's it. I've been going out at least 2 nights per week for the past 6 months and I can count on 1 hand the times I've witnessed a guy pull a random girl home. My friends and myself not even once.

So my question is: do guys lie about their sexual experiences? Do they over exaggerate their sex lives to sound cooler? Or am i missing something about all this?
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should I just give up

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How bad is it that im a 20 year old virgin?
I feel jaded in general.
Only relationship I ever had was online and im hurt from it. Im extremely nostalgic for the 2000s and find most guys generally unattractive because everythings so gay nowadays.
I dont see the point if having sex with a guy if he will.just replace me anyway. but im depressed because im lonely but im not sure if a boyfriend will lighten my mood.
Should I even try finding a boyfriend?
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How to get revenge on someone who fucked with my life? He fucked with my head and ruined my life, I want to do the same to him. He's telling everyone I'm a slut and that I cheated on my boyfriend with him. I've just gotten to that school and I really don't appreciate him telling the whole school a bunch of bullshit. His name on Facebook is Armando Farrell, his name on Instagram is mexican422. Sick him
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Equal Attraction

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Is there truth that people should date people of similar attraction to them?
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What is wrong with some guys nowadays? Its either braindead jock players aka chads or pornaddicts with limp dicks or incels or seemingly normal guys who have """anxiety"" or are """depressed""" or guys who are so sick that they wear women's clothes and want to girls or dominated in bed
Where can I find a normal regular guy?
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post anxiety attack

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So I had an anxiety attack yesterday.
Load of work, no proper sleeping and eating for a long while, a dick of a boss and so on.
Today I tried to get back to work, but I felt extreme discomfort just being there and I went back home (with permission of course).
I can't quit right away (I do intend to gtfo of there by the end of the month) but I can't skip out every day.
How do I deal with this discomfort? With this fear and anxiety? I feel broken. Just thinking about that place infuriates and stresses me out.
I need to survive just one more week or two