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Where can I go/what can I do to train myself into having better social skills?
I know the classic advice is to get a job, but I already have, and it hasn't helped. I can talk with coworkers fine, but it feels like a completely different beast to casual socialization. For one, you spend so much time with coworkers that being comfortable around them is inevitable, unlike random strangers who you have to instantly make a good impression on. And because you basically have to talk to coworkers, you're not just approaching them of your own volition, it doesn't feel like I'm putting myself up for rejection. It's easy to talk to people when you're basically required to by circumstance.
Talking to people in classes or wherever is impossible for me. I can't even bring myself to do so much as say hello to a girl sitting next to me, it feels like by doing so I'd only be annoying/bothering them and I'd be socially rejected instantly. I moved across the country 3 years ago after high school, and I've made literally no friends or social group since.
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To No One In Particular™

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Like, I get it: I thought you were someone you aren't. People make mistakes. But, for a while there, it kinda seemed that you were willing to be that person for me. Probably just a delusion. Totally willing to accept that.

But there's a certain point at which it's actually quite unkind to maintain cordial contact if the only reason you're doing it is to bathe in the ego-wash of someone else's attention.

And I'm realizing right now that it seems like that's all it's ever been.

And when that happens, there's only one way to ethically detach yourself.

Just say it, anon:

"I like the way you pay attention to everything I say and do, but I'm just not willing to devote any part of myself to you in terms of making any promises whatsoever about anything, up to and including the fact that I might basically ignore you for an indeterminate amount of time until I decide to deign you with my response, which I know you will lap up like a parched dog. I sort of get off on it, actually; but I can't manage to muster the empathy to see you as an equal human being, and let's face it - you've sort of pantomimed your way through this whole thing, so you're hardly allowed to complain if I treat you like the meme you presented yourself as, so basically you should just be glad that I'm still willing to entertain the notion of communicating with you and that I haven't pruned you from the precious tree of my existence like an errant fig. 'Sycophant' is just another word for 'cuck.' So go find a life and don't be one."

It'd be refreshing for both of us.. because what you don't realize is exactly how much my tongue bleeds from having had to bite it in order not to say that to you.

But I'm not tryna be that unkind.

Sure am grateful for those who are honest enough to, tho, because when they do, I know to cut them off like Cardi-B with a pair of hedge-clippers (now *there's* an image that should exist, right? Does that fall under Rule 34, lol?).

Anyway, thanks for attending my TED Talk™
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Stepping up my blowjob game

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My husband over the years has complemented my pipe cleaning, yet he keeps expressing his desire for me to swallow.

I'm down for it, apart from two concerns. One, he's a big boy for me (7in), and that his semen tastes awfully sour, no matte the diet he follow.

Do you have any advice on how to make this more tolerable, or not so fearfully of choking? Or am I just trying to hard for a porn fantasy?
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how do you not hate humanity?

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I feel conflicted. I have so much love inside for for this world and the people in it. But as of the past few years, so much hate and contempt. Largely for how people treat eachother. Especially the worst of it. Right now, someone is being brutally tortured, crying out for help, but we will never hear them. And they will die alone and horrified. And those who do it will likely get away with it or have true justice brought upon them. I can’t imagine that thought process will ever fully leave me. But i can’t help but think that this hatred inside me can’t be good if i truly want to lead a happy, fulfilling life. There is nothing romantic about these emotions of mine. I’m at a standstill of what i should believe in. how do you not hate humanity anon?
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Humble Goals at 25

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I just want a fucking girlfriend and an apartment

Why does rent have to be ugodly for a single person?

What does a 25 year old dude need to find a decent GF? Dating Apps yield mostly fatties and feels dehumanizing as fuck.

Fuck covid

I'm pissed dudes
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just quit reddit and joined 4chan, could y'all give me some advice while browsing/posting on 4chan? thx
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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/ATOGA/ - Singers and Swingers.

Previous: >>24948187
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What college major should i pick?

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no context. just tell me what and why.
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My father wants to me to go to university but I really don't feel like to, I am not in the best state of mind and I feel like going to university will only make things worse for me. He's rightfully worried about my future, and I have the same fear as well, but I don't know if going to university will help me on that.
He says, "If you aren't doing much these years, at least you can spend some few years more studying and planning your future", but that shit ain't easy. I've never been a person with a vocation or something like that, there are things I like but not to a degree they'd define my life. I'm just an average person.
What should I do? Should I take my dad's advice and at least try university?
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