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Are women wired to cheat?

Today I learned a girl I completely thought was "not like that", did it.

It completely crushed my expectations about women.

Is it something men need to understand? Or fidelity is indeed a hard to find gem?
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Hey guys I am a bit of the trouble here.
So long story short I met a girl like 2 months ago and I love her like (not just in bed love) like actual thing.
Anyway we together play in 1 band and currently stay at some camp site.
So I know she knows that I like her a lot, so here is a twist she's just turned 18 and I am like almost 19, but then there this faggot who play Sax, he is like almost 17 and there is another Russian guy he is like ~26 and they bought trying to get her, like unironicly saying that she should go with them in bed so they can go deep inside them.
So how to I politely tell them to fuck off, with no like puchclubs and swearing, I don't want her to see me like that.
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Please help me

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So hello /adv/
Little info about myself
>be me
>have alcohol and drug problems
>go to a decent university
>meet girl with who I fall in love with
>I have always had a hard time attaching myself to people and I have never cared for anyone but her
>we hang around but nothing intimate
>a few weeks pass
>we still cool at the surface of things
>in reality I have actually been losing my love for her and I don't know why
Basically my greatest concern is that I will end up losing all my feelings and I don't want that since I have never been able to express them before. I'm 21, I've been into relationships (though it was all for sex) before but I am scared that this is what the future is going to be for me.please help idk
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So this just happened to me. This woman was messaging me for a while, let's just say I used to teach children and she's one of the moms I got to know. Eventually she flat out said she wanted to fuck, and this is where we are. I'm going over to her house tonight to do it, but I've never actually had sex. Any advice?
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Will I ever get over her?
Will I ever feel the same way about somebody else again?
Why do I feel like I won't ever feel the same way about someone else?
Why do I keep thinking about her?
Why do I feel like I shouldn't have left?
Why do I feel like she needs me and doesn't want me?

I don't know what she feels and sometimes I don't even know what I feel.
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Moving Out

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Can we have a general moving out advice/what to expect thread?

I have a lot of anxiety.
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Since 4chan is my only social life should I suck it up and buy the 4chan pass?

for people who pay for it how do you find it?
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Hi /adv/,

I've been thinking about a lot of stuff recently, and would appreciate any kind of input.

For contexts sake, I have moderate depression and anxiety, and I am on the high functioning side of the autistic spectrum.

I'm starting therapy this week after not doing it for a few years, and there has just been so much crossing my mind.

Since therapy is essentially just retraining myself how to think, how do I decide what I "need" to talk about during the sessions?

There are plenty of problems I have, like having no real friends in real life, not having a passion, and being a neet to name a few, and I assume these would all be proper things to bring up during a session, but what about smaller problems? Things that have upset me or just small things that I'm anxious about. I just have trouble thinking for myself, and my primary concern is that I may flood an appointment with mindless problems that don't lead to a solution. Should I just trust my therapist to be able to decide what is actually worth talking about? For smaller problems, do I just need to deal with it until I make progress with my mental problems, so I can actually think for myself and not have to talk to another person about them?

I'm just having a bit of trouble thinking of all of this alone.

Thank you in advance, /adv/.
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