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/ATOGA/: ITT Ask The Opposite Gender Anything

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>virginity status
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My family members used to install spyware/keyloggers on my computers when I still lived at home, and hired private investigators to spy on me (even taking pictures) for years even after I was no contact with them. Recently I got back in touch with them again and I thought the spying stopped.

Well on a phone call a couple weeks ago with my dad who I haven't seen in half a year, he talked about how I should go to school and get a "real education" instead of working on a Pilates teaching certificate. The thing is, I have never, ever told him about doing Pilates or looking into getting certified for it. The only place I ever mentioned doing pilates or getting certified was anonymously on reddit last month.

So I have a feeling that he either installed spyware on my computer or my phone months ago when he was visiting, or my family members found my anonymous reddit handle somehow, but he doesn't use reddit or go on English sites. I am fucking paranoid.

How did he know?
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Get It Off Your Chest - /GIOYC/

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How to get free from porn addiction and masturbation for once and for all?

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Have been free for almost 10 days, but I want to leave this shit for once and for all.

But when urges come, they just make you act like a complete animal
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How do I stop hating women?
Not because they "won't give me a chance" but because they are way worse at pushing degenerate trends than men.

When was the last time a pretty woman was criticizing and shunning judeo-liberal garbage like dating apps, social media and modern "music" in favor of the arts and opera and naturalism/homesteading.

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how to humbly brag?

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How do I express to a woman that I'm ahead in life for my age without sounding pretentious?
I'd like to give the impression that I'm ready to "settle down" without quite coming out and saying it explicitly
>just shy of 100k this year in STEM position
>involved in leadership roles in the church
>friend group is made of successful middle aged couples
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What would you put in description for male profile on Tinder app ?
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New parents issues

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My wife and I had our son about 11 months ago now and we've hit many bumps in the road as expected.

To start, we are both mid-20s and in the US. I work from home, I run a small side hustle that brings in income, I currently am writing a book, and I am about to start my masters degree. My wife is a stay-at-home wife who I've been with for the past 7 years. When we had our son, there were a few things that we agreed upon doing/not doing. We agreed in exclusive breastfeeding and we agreed to not do any sleep training. When our son turned about 5 months old, he exclusively nursed to sleep and wouldn't allow me to get him to sleep for naps or at night without crying himself to exhaustion. Since then, there has been constant resentment and guilt directed toward me by my wife.
Since then, my wife and I have started to sleep in different rooms to better help her sleep with the baby and our daily lives have gotten more separated. Working from home, I try my best to get little breaks to help with my wife. Before work starts, I help with the baby and we go on a walk to try to catch up and have some time to talk and connect. I've started waking up very early in the morning to make sure I still have time to go to the gym without losing time with my wife and son. After I get off of work, I typically eat dinner with them and then take my son to the park to give my wife some free time, then repeat. Since my wife has 100% of the baby's sleep fall onto her, I've tried to pick up with extra chores around the house and I now do the majority of the laundry, the dishes, a lot of the cleaning, all of the dog grooming/walking, etc. For the first 9 months, I was the one who cooked all of the meals
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Don't feel like getting intimate with gf, but lusting over other women

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Me and my gf have been in a relationship for a couple of years and I feel like breaking up.
Ive been thinking about it a lot but I am afraid of making a mistake/regretting it and most importantly, it will break her heart and make her very sad which I want to avoid.

She is very caring, intelligent and cultured, but I dont feel like talking much about different topics with her anymore.
My main problem is sex, it hasnt been getting better although Ive tried, I just cant initiate with her and I dont want to get intimate anymore.
There is little chemistry anymore when going out, Ive been to 3 parties lately with her and Id rather just spend time with other people there or talking to other women. Despite not feeling very sexual with her, I lust over other women, so it is not my issue.

Her personality doesn't fit me very much, she is kinda quiet and introverted and that drags me down, I met a girl some time ago at a party and we talked a little bit, and she had this energy that made me realize I was definitely looking for something else.
When I was single I was very energetic and ambitious and I feel in this relationship Ive settled for something mediocre (for me) that doesnt really satisfy me.

When we met in the beginning she was in a relationship and we would hang out and have great chemistry, laugh, talk about everything. She broke up because of me (but her previous relationship was going nowhere, heh funny how that works) and it still feels kinda "tainted" because of how it started and I cant trust her really.

The things keeping this together is the past and me being too much of a faggot to end this relationship.
I cant imagine spending my life with her, having kids or even having sex a few more times with her.

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Is anyone familiar with the porn business by any chance?

I have finally reached 500k€. I have a good niche to start with that i think will work and I will be able to get the ball rolling once I get started, I just would like about the logistics and legal aspect of it.

1) How do I find girls being a no-namer in the industry
2) How do I cover my ass legaly so im doing everything okay