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Hello fellow anons. I cone to you asking for advice on giving oral sex to my gf. My previous experience with giving oral has been pretty possitive and straight forward, but now with my current gf Im having trouble getting her off. She has an extremely sensitive clit so any stimulation to it makes it overwhelming and unpleasant for her. Any other anon have experience getting a girl off who has a sensitive clit? Because my usual techniques just dont work.

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Help how do I stop having yellow fever? It's gotten so bad I dont even want to date white women anymore, and there are no asians in my city (small european town). I cannot choose who I am attracted to and it is driving me insane, I am even considering moving to asia after uni is over
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How do I show a woman my dark side?
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So my GF is comming to live with me for christmas, and i thought i would give her the most spergy gift i could think of

See, i have a home made metal foundry, pic related, and i thought i would cast her a big bronze buttplug.
But i remember reading somewhere that copper is poisionous. Will this kill her?
Thanks in advance.
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What’s the best way to get fat ASAP?
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If someone were going to suicide

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What should that person do, let her friends know about it or just fade away without explanations?

I swear no possible suicides are involved here, i'm just curious about useless things again. If the person was to let her friends know it, i imagine it could cause extreme distress between her friends, that would try to stop it, and if they couldn't they would be haunted by that knowing what happened.
If she just disappeared, they'd always wonder what happened and that must be harsh, but is uncertainty worse than the first feeling of wondering if you could've done something and etc? How does both situations develop?

It works the same between online and real friends?
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Is my fetish immoral?

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I'm attracted to licking the bottom of other men's used sneakers or work boots. Although I'm gay, I'm only attracted to licking straight men's footwear.

To get ahold of the footwear, I offer to buy it on craigslist. I pay a decent amount per pair (depends but usually $50 for old sneakers and upwards of $100 for old boots) to help them replace the footwear and as compensation for how weird my fetish is. I'm transparent about why I am buying them.

I feel like a creep. I've gotten physically ill from ingesting gross stuff, and even though I'm transparent, it feels wrong.

Am I being too moralistic about it or am I being immoral?
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Was going to kill myself but my dad showed up at the house. I literally can’t do anything right.
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fucked sleeping patterns

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I've tried staying awake for a whole day then going to sleep at around 8 then waking up the next morning but I'll still start to feel tired around midday then the process repeats

How the fuck can I fix it and not feel tired during the day?