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How to stop being an attention whore?
Pretty much everything I do (drawing, writing, buying expensive shit and many other seemingly random things) is for positive attention from internet strangers. Of course, I feel a bit happy when doing it, but the aspect of others appreciating my work is strong in every case.
How do I get rid of my ego/whatever it is and start doing things purely for myself? I feel like I'm wasting my life thinking about other people opinion.
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No guy ever complimented me

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Can't cope. I'm sad
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Why is going to escorts so therapeutic?

Jesus Christ, I can't get enough; I'm loving them. And my experiences have been far more effective than any doctors I've been to in the past. I have a bounce in my step now. I'm feel jubilant and like I can take on the whole world. I'm more energetic. I'm getting a good 2-3 hour workout per session. And I constantly feel like proudly screaming from the rooftops about how I want to have all the sex in the world.

God damn, I've never felt better. They're pretty good at the emotional stuff - even if it's only because you're paying them. But their skills in bed are off the charts, and we always finish our sessions drenched in sweat. Honestly, it's how inviting these girls are, especially the sex part, that probably makes this all the more rewarding. It's sad I wasn't able to finally have sex until I cracked and resorted to sex workers, and having to lose my virginity at 28 because of this. But fucking 'ell, I feel this endless sense of confidence and ease about me. I can also talk to girls now with sperging out. Jesus Christ, who knew the therapy I needed was simply good sex?

>Pic slightly related, one of my favorites.
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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/ATOGA/ - Winners and Wieners Edition

Previous: >>24881690
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Are there extreme jobs for an Engineer that pay well??

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I'm an Engineer in my early 30s. I've got nothing to loose. I'm sick of the cubicle life. I have to buy a home soon.
I'll be fucking damned if I spend the next 15-20 years in a goddamn cubicle paying off a mortgage.
I want to escape. I want to go to the middle of bum-fuck nowhere and spend a couple of years there.
I've only heart stories of these types of jobs, but I don't know where to look.
Remote bases in the North or South pole, the Amazon rain forest, the Sahara desert, the middle East, wherever, I'm down for it, as long as they pay.
What do you have foe me /adv?
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Vaping CBD flower for anxiety

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Am I doing this wrong or something? Everybody raves about CBD helping anxiety, but whenever I vape the flower I got I just feel tired and kind of strange? Not like being high but just a weird feeling overall in my body
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i have been simping for 1.5 years and need help.

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long story short, i fell in love with this girl last year over quarantine who essentially used me for attention and validation while she fucked her ex the entire time, we had stopped talking when she went off for college, and then she hit me up again, started talking to me again, tried to meet up, and then she flaked, we aren’t speaking now
i am kind of at a loss as to what to do and im not sure why i fell this hard or what’s wrong with me honestly, i guess it could be loneliness or something genuinely mentally wrong but im at my wit’s end, the rejection hurts, and it pains me to think of her because i think she’s just so amazing
amidst this i have anxiety and have been struggling with depression and self harm, and im really considering suicide at this point because it’s a constant loop and battle throughout my waking existence until i can finally go to sleep, i more than enough have the money necessary to do it, and it’s been a hard time convincing myself to just not go ahead and start planning it out concretely
does anyone have any sort of experience with this and how they got through it?

i have a job, friends, and im in my second semester of college. im 19. it seems like nothing satiates me and im exhausted.
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Side Business & Passive Income

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I have $100,000 saved up. I want to invest this money into something that'll generate me anyware from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.
I will also accept creative ideas that don't involve me investing any money, maybe side gigs, but I won't accpet any methods or ideas that are illegal or involve sex.
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How do I stop getting angry at baby boomers for everything. I'm so sick of this, always having to bust my ass for low pay because boomer management wants to run on a skeleton crew. Colleges and universities are dumbed down and useless at teaching anything. Landlords everywhere are charging a fortune just for small apartments. The boomers? All of them got it so easy. Thanks to them I'll never be able to afford a house and start a family. And I'm going to be burnt out from overworking by 40. Now what are we supposed to do? Why do we have to live this way? Is it better off being dead? How can I ignore it all and keep going on?
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Has anybody managed to cut out video games from their life?

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I've tried everything only to keep crawling back every single time. They're slowly but surely deteriorating my life. The clock is ticking. It's the only thing I have. The only thing I'm decent at. The few friends I have come from video games. It's all that's to my name.

What to do?
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