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best way to learn product manufacturing/industrial design?

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Whatsup /adv/,

I'm a digital designer looking to branch out my skills and may be able to get some money from my employer to pay for schooling or certs. I'd like to learn about manufacturing and product design but not sure where to begin or what's going to get me the most value.

I'm noticing that most Industrial Design programs are fine arts degrees, which in my experience, are total bullshit and a waste of money and time ($60,000/year to learn to use blender yeah fucking right). I'd like to be able to work with manufacturers to design physical products that can actually be made, not just create pretty concepts in software.

So 2 questions:
1) If I've already got a BS in digital design, is it worth pursuing a master's degree at all? Or would I better spend the time self-teaching/taking smaller courses/getting certs and building up a portfolio?

2) Are there studies other than Industrial Design that may involve more product engineering and less "fine arts" that I should also be considering?

Any thoughts would be sick. Much appreciated.
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How do I move out?

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I'm 16M practically going to college in like 2 months and want to leave home. The main reason why I haven't left is because I would end up living on the streets if I left right now; I know to do the obvious things like to earn & save money.
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i think i have paranoia and it's getting worse
i am awake for 3 days i cant fall asleep
everytime i close my eyes i feel that there are multiple people watching me inside of various furniture
i feel that they are at the foot of my bed watching
everytime i go up and do something i always feel something coming from a different room
i have vivid thoughts of a floating face watching me right above me
i think im going insane i cant fucking sleep
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I know her secret

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Just realized that a girl in my college algebra class who has shown some interest in me is a jew. She matches the physical characteristics of the Jewish model in the attached picture.

I have done some calculations and I have a 5-second interval where killing her without getting caught is a possibility; I would just need to sling a rock over the speed of 37 mph at the back of her head and I am a very good shot.

Problem is that I don't know if killing her is wise.

What do you think, pol?
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State of Society

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>dislike rampant materialism/consumerism
>dislike destruction of planet
>dislike cultural and social disintegration
>dislike actual political discourse being replaced by a popularity contest
>dislike current usage of technology, mainly smartphones and social media to start
There are just a handful of things I don't like about our current society. I'm a go getter, mid-twenties, two degrees, six figure job, if Biden's tuition forgiveness goes through I will have no more debt, in shape, you get the idea. I say this because I typically get after things when I want them and pick myself up when that fails and try a different attack.
The problem with this is I'm beginning to see how wrong our society is going and comparing that with my own success, I've managed to meet most of my needs and have begun looking at how I can improve society now, but I simply don't know how. Where do I begin with helping fix these sorts of things? My local community, I assume.
What are you doing anons to help better your neighbor? My mother is a mess and my father is a goblin, the social crusaders of my family are also long since dead. I had a Catholic upbringing but no longer attend church and have my problems with the material organization known as the Roman Catholic Church.

How do I help people?
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Why’s life so lonely, I’m a teen and I suck at communicating with others even classmates I have known for years, why am I so shy and so awkward why can’t I make friends like normal
People? :<
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Question for male anons

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I'm going to make you a question and i want you to reply to me with all HONESTLY.

I'm not trolling or anything, I'm serious about this. It's mostly that i want to know if there is something weird or wrong about me.

Do you actually consider women as your equals? I don't. And i don't make me wrong i don't hate women. I have a girlfriend and i love her. But today i just realized that she is more like a pet to me. She is not my emotional of intellectual equal, she is not my equal I'm any way. She is not a child but I cannot see her as an 'adult' neither despite her being in her late 20's. She is something in between.

I'm the only man unable to see women are their equals? I simply can't. Women aren't like us. They don't care about art, culture, tradition, history or knowledge. They only care about aesthetics, sex and money. Vain pleasures and music. No different than most niggers.

Again, I'm the only man here that is unable to see women are their equals? I want to know if there is something wrong with me. Because if other men actually see women as their equals in every sense then im an anomaly. For me women are inferior beings.

Sometimes i just think we men have a silent agreement to make women think we consider them our equals out of political correctness but secretly we know they are second rate human beings. Just like we do with black people.
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Get it off your chest
No autistic spam edition

Want to get shit off your chest without encouraging an utterly insane autist? Post in here.
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Why do men pretend they have moral compasses?

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This is a repost read whole post to understand

>have e-bf I met irl
>He makes me pay for a unblock
>Mutual fren finds out and blocks him for it
>Claims he lost all respect for him
>They return to being frens, banter and play games together again,
>Ghosts me and says various things to me, demonizing me and saying I'm wasting my money paying for him to talk to me, says I'll never be happy, just tells me to stop giving him free things

>never talks to me while still simping for my former e-bf

He talked a big game, saying he will never be frens with him again for exploiting me but he returned to being frens with him and reassuring him they're frens after what happened. Mutual fren never talked to me again
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>what are the chances of my neighbours pants flying over the fence and into my garden.
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