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Do girls really automatically consider ugly and short guys as creepy or is this just a meme?
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How to be eligible for assisted suicide?

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Title. I have a multitude of chronic mental and physical illnesses. I’m aware that Switzerland takes patients from outside the country and allows them to commit assisted suicide. How can I go about this? I plan on accessing my medical records to show them that I have tried a multitude of different medications and my condition has only gotten worse. Can anyone give me advice on how to approach this? Thank you
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how can i overcome learned helplessness?
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Reminder to all coomers

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You will end up like this:

Porn, masturbating and casual are degenerate. There is no love there is only pain after the post not clarity.

There is nothing better than saying I love you during sex and cuddling with your gf after you both came.

Death to all pornographers.
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TikTok retards are putting me off having kids

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From DID malingerers with anime/Spongebob alters to nonbinary Amerifats with cropped, coloured hair, I just think the internet has had a devastating impact on children's psychological wellbeing.

Do you think it's possible to raise children without the internet? If I have children they will be raised without internet, and instead will read books/watch TV.
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Friendship with women

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I miss my childhood days when I could be friends with girls without me or them developing sexual or romantic feelings/thoughts, i can't bond with females or befriend them anymore, everytime i try to be friend with a girl as an adult they assume it's a play and im feigning the friendship because I'm waiting my chance to fuck them, they don't think I'm acting out of genuineness.

That's very fucked up, when i was a child my best friend was a tomboyish girl, i enjoyed spending my time with her, i enjoyed her perspective in life, she was brave, smart and very similar to me, it was an ACTUAL friendship, no feelings were false, i looked up to her as a brother, it was just like any other with a boy, then one day in middle school she got a boyfriend and stop talking to me.

That destroyed my perspective about friendship and women in many different levels. I'm unable to see women as my equals or being able to be their friend ever since.

Is it normal anons? Like i can't be emotionally intimate with a female anymore since i became an adult, it's impossible to me, when I'm fucking them that's the closest thing to a "friendship" with a female i have. I want a genuine friendship with a woman but i can't have it, i can only have that bond with males but it isn't the same, i want a female friend, no bullshit, no falling in love, no sex, no fucking, just authentic real friendship just like the one i had when i was a kid.
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Minoxidil does nothing. I have a laser cap, it does nothing. I take zinc, nothing.

Should I just cave in and shave my head?
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I accidentally looked up child porn on my computer

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I looked up Siberian Mouse Masha Babko on google image because I was curious. I clicked on some of the images but I didn't save the file nor clicked on the actual site. Am I going to go to jail? I
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Damn, I fucked up really hard this time
Femanon here, I have 2 male flatmates and one of them is on a business trip and gonna come back next week. The other one was visiting his gf in a mental hospital today. I don't like when he does it cause he always comes back sad so I proposed to drink some bear, watch TV and play cards. He accepted and it was really nice and I think it cheered him up a lot. But then I went nuts, leaned in and tried to kiss him. He pushed me away and went out literally giving me no chance to apologize.
I really want to reconcile since he and the other flatmate are the only people I talk to regulary outside of work.
I shouldn't have drunk this much
I'm a fucking retard
I can't stop crying
What should I do now?
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Its over

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>had feelings for a girl for about three months now
>I think she is giving me signals
>finally gain the confidence to approach her and shoot my shot (thanks anons)
>start a conversation with her, I get the vibe that she is nervous but we continue the convo
>at the end I ask her for her number, tells me straight up that she is gay
Why do girls give off mixed signals? I am an attractive male and this is the first time shooting my shot. I did realize that she might be gay or at least bisexual after finding her insta account with a rainbow in bio and noticing some of her friend group at school. This was the only girl I am interested in at my school and spent 3 months thinking of being in a potential relationship with her. A big part of my attraction to her was her personality and I would love to be friends. We have not talked since I tried making a move. My question here is, how do I cope with rejection? What do other gay anons think about this situation? How should I persist?